Sunday, December 7, 2008

Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas

This weekend, after my son's stellar debut on the fourth grade boys city-league basketball team, we decided it was time to decorate for Christmas. Isn't it amazing how many boxes of Christmas decorations you can shove up into the attic? And we got rid of LOTs of our decorations when we moved to Virginia.

To really put us in the Christmas spirit, we baked sugar cookies. It took some time to find a Sugar Cookie recipe online that didn't need baking soda -- for some reason, we have no baking soda. The kids did a great job decorating (their favorite part) but really weren't interested in eating too many. Of course, this means I'll end up eating two dozen sugar cookies!

So, the cookies are baked and the tree is up -- but it doesn't have any decorations because my daughter (who is now feeling much better) has decided we should have a "theme" tree -- and the theme should be Gingerbread Men. The only problem...we only have seven gingerbread man ornaments. But not to worry, she has a plan. It includes a trip to Garden Ridge and several hours of crafting. Until then, we have a very Charlie Brown looking Christmas tree.

Amid the boxes of decorations deemed "not good with the theme", rolls of wrapping paper with no presents yet to wrap and an ornament-less tree -- it's being to look a bit like Christmas. Hope your holidays are more organized!

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