Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Slow Road to Recovery

Well, Thanksgiving seemed to pass by in a daze. My daughter had surgery on Wednesday -- all went well, but recovery has been difficult. If she wasn't crying because she hurt and was nauseated, I was crying because she hurt and was nauseated! Thank heaven my mom and sister got here late Wed. night -- moms are good about "swooping in" and taking charge. Nanny made sure the rest of the family was well fed and my house looks cleaner now than before she came! My beautiful niece was also here from Oklahoma and she kept my son entertained.

Monday afternoon my daughter's nose finally stopped bleeding, so she went to school for a half-day today. Tomorrow we go to the doctor to "have the splints removed" (around her I'm acting like it won't be as bad as it sounds). For now, I'm just glad things seem to be getting back to normal -- or as normal as things get for being three weeks away from Christmas!


Lynn said...

Poor baby! Tell her we love her and hope she is all better soon.

Marlene said...

Glad she is doing better. I remember Wade having that surgery. Not fun as I recall. Tell her we are thinking about her and hope she feels better soon!