Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Can You Feel the Love?

Two days a week I teach music to Pre-K - 2nd graders. I have nine classes a day, with about 12 in each class. If you ever need a boost to your self-esteem -- teach 5 years olds (but only in 25 minute increments; if they have you all day, I'm sure they don't like you as much!). In every class someone tells me they love me, how pretty my clothes are, how much fun they are having--it does a girl good!

But the kids can also be VERY funny. Last week.... all the kids from a pre-k were sitting "criss-cross apple sauce" ready to begin. Riley (a tiny little boy) was roaming for some unknown reason! He walked past Grace, who had her super curly hair pulled up in a cute, pouffy pony tail on top of her head. Riley reached over and tousled her hair as he walked by. As only a five year old girl can do, Grace let out that frustrated "humph" sound and stated, "Don't touch my hair!" Riley just sadly shook his head and replied, "But I'm just loving on you."

Valentine's Day is coming fast! Hope you have someone to love on.

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