Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pretty Pre-op Toes

Say a little prayer for my daughter tomorrow, she's having sinus surgery at 8:00 am. In preparation, we had pedicures. I'm not sure if the ENT will notice, but hopefully some nurse will! These are her orange toes with yellow flowers.
My daughter's had breathing/allergy problems her whole life. Having her tonsils out helped at age 3, but the doctor says it's time to fix everything else. Her surgery will fix a deviated septum (the kids in her Bible Study group are kidding her that she's actually just having a nose job like Ashley Tisdale and saying it's for a deviated septum) and opening up some other obstructions.

My mom, sister and niece will be here tomorrow night. Nanny (my mom) said she's coming, "To rock that baby until she feels better." Yes, the 'baby' is 12. Doesn't matter, Nanny is good medicine no matter the age.

Remeber us in your prayers and go cook something, Thanksgiving is less than 48 hours away for goodness sakes!

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Lynn said...

I hope the surgery goes well...I am praying. Have a good visit with your your mom and a happy thanksgiving!