Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Like most Americans, I watched the Inauguration off and on all day (and late into the night!) yesterday. In a day filled with importance and ceremony, one of my favorite moments had nothing to do with the new President -- it was more about the dress. (In recalling previous Inaugurations I have witnessed I can only remember that Mrs. Clinton wore a bright blue hat and Mrs. Bush wore red. I hope I retain a bit more historically important information about future events. But here I am again, talking about the fashions!)
While watching CNN fashion commentators discuss what Mrs. Obama wore throughout the day, the news anchor stopped and announced that Jason Wu, the designer of the dress she wore to the Inaugural Balls, was on the phone.
This young man of 26 expained that he was one of several designers asked late last year to submit dresses that Mrs. Obama might wear. He sent her three. When asked when he learned one of his dresses had been chosen, he replied, "Tonight, when I saw her on television."
Can you imagine that moment? Regardless of your politics, what an honor. You're sitting in your living room and see YOUR dress on the first lady. Not only will photos of it be in every newspaper around the world in the morning, it will later be in the Smithsonian's permanent collection.
I know nothing about Jason Wu, but I was proud for him.
Here's hoping your 2009 brings a few moments that take your breath away!

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