Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sure, no problem, plenty of time

I got this magnet off of etsy.com (if you haven't tried etsy you should -- fabulous handmade items) It sums up why I haven't posted anything in two weeks....
All the things I said yes to were great things...we had a "full blown" Christmas program at the Early Learning Center this year. As the music teacher, I was in charge. The pre-ks (all 85 of so) sang three songs, the kindergarten dressed up to act out the nativity, the first grade played the handbells and quoted passages from Luke 2 and the 2nd graders were cowboys out on the trail on Christmas Eve. They "narrated" the Christmas story. It all ended with the Texas-appropriate song, "From Our Herd to Your Herd, Merry Christmas." It was so cute...and so much work!

At church we are finishing an 8 week study on Christmas Eve entitled "Fulfilled". It has been wonderful. I'll post some photos of our art work. We have had a different piece of art displayed every week of the series (these are 15x 10 foot canvasses) each Monday evening we move the piece to the side walls and install the next canvas. I sort of volunteered to be in charge of writing a Family Devotion guide for each week and creating several things (see above magnet) for this past Sunday and the Christmas Eve service.

Now the kids are out of school and we're ready for Christmas. The weather has been in the low 50s, cold for this part of the country, so it feels like winter. We had dinner last night at our good friends, the Carson's.

Darren is recovering from being sick (he even missed two days of work last week) I'm not convinced he didn't have walking pneumonia and we're praying no one else gets sick over the holidays. Now we're off to the mall to get one last Christmas gift for my oldest nephew. Apparently, the other gift we got him (quoting my son), "Is good, but not really fun." Wouldn't we hate it if the nephew didn't think we gave good gifts. So much for breaking the 'approval addiction'.

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Lynn said...

hi Patti, I am so sorry I didn't get to see you. My mom ended up being pretty sick throughout the holiday season and we spend several days at doctors appointments. She is still not well, but they are running all sorts of tests to see what is wrong. We are back in Doha now. I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and New Year's Eve.

love you lots!