Saturday, November 1, 2008

Another Halloween Come and Gone

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween. Mine was a bit strange -- the kids didn't trick or treat; not even to one house! What kind of children am I raising?

My daughter went with her dad early to the church to finish setting up for the big carnival. She was Bat Girl -- in a homemade tutu. This is what my friend Susan dubbed as the "working that battitude" pose.

She spent the entire evening face painting. It wasn't her intention to be quite so "servant-hearted" -- it was that the other teenagers who signed up to face paint never showed! Oh the bad luck to be first on the schedule.

My son is the ball boy for an area high school team and he opted to attend the football game instead of the traditional Halloween festivities. But, the cheerleaders gave out candy -- that made up for it. Besides, fourth grade boys are a difficult group to "costume". Should they be a football player or hobo? Certainly made it easy on mom.

Now go enjoy a few dozen pieces of candy from your kid's treat bags on me -- consider it the share I didn't get to partake in this year!

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Lynn said...

Oh the joy! I get to leave the first comment. I love your blog and I love your blog name. I hope you have fun blogging. It is a good record of family happenings. I will be a faithful reader!