Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wildcats in the House

You saw the movie (if like in our home, 47 times) you know the words from High School Musical...join me... "Wildcats everywhere, put your hands up in the air"
We're singing in celebration of my daughter making the basketball team. She's officially a 7th grade Wildcat. Whoo Hoo! I asked her if anyone has spontaneously broke out in song while praciting in the gym. She just gave me the face. (We've discussed this one before, the 'how can my mom be SO uncool' face.)
She is very excited about playing ball. We were much more excited about her playing ball before we were told she now has to be at school at 6:15 every morning for practice. How are you alert enough to dribble a basketball at 6:15?
Oh the joys of junior high.
Her first scrimmage is Thursday -- photos to follow!

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Lynn said...

Congratulations Laney! I played basketball in Junior High and it was fun!