Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nothing Unusual Ever Goes On Around Here

Last night I told my daughter I'd started a blog. "Why?", she asked in that 'how on earth could my mother be so crazy' tone only a 12 year old girl has. "We're so boring, what will you even put on it?"
I walked through the house thinking maybe she was right, we are pretty average. But, that's not the point of the blog...I enjoy writing, I enjoy reading what's happening in other 'average' lives; certainly I can find things to post.

Then I saw it, right there in the bathroom shower stall.
A hot pink Gilligan hat and a knitted stocking cap from Peru. Isn't that where you keep your hats? In the shower stall? I'm guessing it is somehow related to my minister husband and the dunk tank at the Halloween carnival -- but I don't know for certain; and I'll be interested to find out how long they remain there.
A little different, kind of strange, a bit weird --- yeah, I can see those fitting our family. But not boring, never boring.

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Lynn said...

I find you highly interesting and entertaining.