Friday, November 14, 2008

It's a Love/Hate Relationship

In general, I love my digital camera. It's small, has a great zoom, has tons more settings than I'll ever actually use...and usually the pictures are great. But I hate the delay. You know what I mean? You push the button...not taking the picture yet/adjusting for the flash...still not taking the picture... now, now that the kids have moved - the shutter snaps open.It happened last weekend when I was the official photographer of my niece's first birthday soiree. She had her pink and blue tutu on and everything. And there it was...
the delay
the cutest shot opening her presents...delay

It's enough to make an aunt cry. Until you're scrolling through and see the shot of her typing on the old-fashioned blue typewriter.
And it's back to love for the digital camera, because we all get to say "ahh" right then while looking on the little screen.


Dana said...

Hey Patti! How are ya'll doing?! Love the pics, especially of D and D and of L putting the make up on! That is great. I hope to see ya'll some time this year!

Marlene said...

I am with you on the digital camera. Everytime I think I have a really good dance shot of Sara, there is the delay, and the move is over. I am thinking of investing in a for real camera. My pictures will be much happier developed instead of on my memory card. :()