Monday, November 10, 2008

A Weekend of Celebration

What a fun weekend we had! Our family traveled to Dallas to party (of course that had a different meaning in college) but for this stage of life it meant dinner with the cousins Friday night, a baby shower Saturday morning and birthday celebrations Saturday afternoon.
Saturday morning I was able to see my beautiful friend Julie -- and her tiny bump of a belly, even though she's almost 8 months pregnant! I looked like that at 5 months, but I'm not bitter.
Julie is from Alaska, I'm from Oklahoma; we met three years ago while living in Virginia -- is this a great country or what? Since then: we worked together every day and became great friends, she fell in love with a law school student, I was the old bridesmaid at her wedding (seriously, the next oldest was like 26; I'm sure the groomsmen who walked with me had drawn the short straw), my husband graduated from seminary and accepted a job in Texas, one year later her husband graduated from law school and...wait for it...accepted a job in Texas. Now Julie's having a baby boy and I got to go to the shower! Is that a great God or what?
I was the only "non-family member" at the shower, Julie's husband is from the Dallas area and has lots of family. It was so wonderful showering her with gifts and love. And isn't it wonderful knowing a sweet baby will soon join us? And I get to love on him and watch him grow -- and give him back to mom and dad when he's poopie or cranky!

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