Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Was Just Trying to get a Little Work Done

Our Student Ministry is having a retreat this weekend, so my husband and daughter are off at camp. That leaves just me and the boy -- and it's college football day on ESPN, so the boy is set. Hand him a sandwich or bowl of ice cream every few hours and he's in heaven.

So I decided it would be a great time to vaccuum. I do not like cleaning the floors, so I always try to move quickly when the urge strikes! But, while maneuvering through I spied a small box under the guest bed. Not sure what was in it, I left my task at hand to investigate. It's pictures! A box full of pictures. I'm not sure why they were in the guest room...but I love pictures. And many of these were old: when Melinda and Myron lived in Florida, when my husband and I traveled before kids, when I cheered for 4th grade and my sister twirled baton for the 6th grade Purple Pirates. And there were several pictures of my dad, the Rancher.

Since he inspired the moniker of my blog, I thought he deserved a little attention. That's him, my dad, the Rancher. My sister had this photo shoot "set up" on the ranch. It turned out to be some of the last photos before his cancer returned.
Of course, he'd think this blog was another one of my goofy ideas. But that's okay -- this Rancher's Daughter is always full of goofy ideas. And lots of love for her daddy.
Now go be goofy and hug the stuffing out of someone you love.

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